The Aztec


Aztec were among the most advanced people of their time.They were a very cool culture. The Aztec mainly lived in Tenochtitlan. They had many great inventions. They did very well adapting to where they live.They are the most well known natives to South America besides the Mayans.

Farming Systems

Aztec farming was very advanced for it's time. One of their systems were called chinampas. They were built by first selecting a piece of marshland. The selected piece of land could be up to 300 feet by 30 feet at the largest. After they selected it, they would fence it in. In between these fences on the outside, there would be canals that the farmers would use to canoe from field to field. This also provided easy access to water for the crops. After the pieces of land were fenced off, the farmers would then pile mud, sand, and rotten plants on the pieces of land. This provides nutrients for the plants and provides stable planting ground. Then they would plant willow/cypress trees in the corners to balance it. After that, they would plant the crops. The next type of farming was called rainfall cultivation. They did this by planting crops one year, and the next year they would not plant anything and just let it rain on the ground. This way the ground would get essential nutrients. This way of farming was abandoned because of the rapid population growth. The third way was called terracing. This is when they would build a wall on the side of a hill, then build another one higher on the hill. In between, they would plant the gardens. This opened up new areas that they couldn't farm on before.